RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG | 07/29/2009

Ad hoc - Anchor shareholders Münch subscribe to new shares

Anchor shareholders Münch subscribe to new shares under 1.66m subscription rights and place 15m subscription rights

Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale, 29 July 2009 --- Today the Company has been informed by Mr. Münch, chairman of the Supervisory Board and shareholder of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG, that he has, jointly with UniCredit Group (Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG) (“HVB”), placed 15m subscription rights - out of the 16,661,044 subscription rights he and his wife are entitled to - off the floor in the context of the current capital increase of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG. The total price for this rights issue is € 6.3m, corresponding to an average of € 0.418 per subscription right.

The agreement between HVB and the Münch family ultimately results in the rights issue proceeds being divided by half. HVB had guaranteed minimum proceeds of approx. € 2.362m (one third of the theoretical value of the subscription rights). Subject to a purchase price adjustment agreement with HVB, a total of approx. € 3.2m (before tax) will accrue to the Münch family. The Münch family will use the net proceeds (after tax) from the sale of their subscription rights and further private funds to exercise the subscription rights they hold and to subscribe to 553,682 new shares (at a subscription price of € 13.30 per share, totalling € 7.4m).

If the capital increase is fully implemented, the Münch family will hold a total interest of 12.45% in the Company.