Innovation and excellence in treatment

The way patient care is currently organised, this huge pressure in terms of costs the healthcare system is subject to, especially in the hospital sector, initially casts doubts on the ability to provide sustainable, modern healthcare at a high quality level in the long term. The only way to counteract this development in order to ensure that cutting-edge medicine can be enjoyed by everyone in the future, too, is to develop new healthcare offers. These make it possible to review the treatment process procedure – also across the inpatient-outpatient divide – and use new, also technical, possibilities for a more efficient treatment process that is also of a better quality. 

RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG has always believed in innovations. One of the best-known and often copied examples to be mentioned in this context is our "flow principle", whereby the organisation of the units is adapted to the needs of the patient through a personalised treatment process (intensive care, intermediate care, normal and low care). This allows us to provide our patients with optimum care that is in line with their respective condition. 

We are currently not only working on the optimisation of inpatient medical care and nursing, but also on organising across sectoral treatment boundaries. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for a future-proof healthcare system, in which every patient is to receive modern cutting-edge medicine, to integrate the patients in the treatment situation that is right for them as soon as the treatment process begins. Consequently, outpatient and inpatient medical care above all must be dovetailed more effectively in future.