Network medicine

One strategic aim of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG is the implementation of the commercial and healthcare policy vision of network medicine that provides comprehensive healthcare services nationwide. This rests on the core belief that each patient should receive the most modern, high quality medical care in accordance with their requirements in future, too – in keeping with the motto: rationalisation, rather than rationing! The concept behind this is to increase the efficiency potential whilst maintaining a level of medical care that is of at least the same quality. We intend to achieve this through a more targeted referral of the patient in terms of treatment location and treatment type. For example, the specialisation of clinics to deal with certain indications will increase as a result of quality and profitability factors. The consequence of this is that a patient may be referred to a treatment location outside the region where they live to ensure optimum treatment. This should optimise the care the patient receives whilst also preventing resources being wasted.