Committed to people

The starting point for all of our actions is the well-being of our patients. They place their trust in the staff who work in our clinics and facilities, and are always at the centre of our efforts. Our success is based on this confidence in our performance. One of our company's important basic principles and an element in our internal Code of Conduct, which all staff use as a guideline, is: "Don't do to others what you would not like done to yourself, and don't leave off doing anything that you would like done to yourself."

Healthcare industry challenges

We view the offer of cutting-edge medicine for everyone, and securing its availability in the future, as our mandate and our obligation. In this respect, we are facing major challenges: in the next few years, we expect the demand for hospital services to increase further, due to demographic changes in the population and increased old age morbidity. The demand will also rise in future because the spectrum of what is medically feasible will – fortunately – become greater due to progressive advances in the areas of medical treatment, technical equipment and pharmacology. However, our society is based on the principle of mutual solidarity, and this increasing demand is accompanied by a decreasing number of contributors. In fact, for years, the respective income influenced by the legislation has increased less significantly than the cost of healthcare. This trend is also likely to continue in the future. Increasingly fewer funds are therefore available to the healthcare sector. We want to contribute to ensuring that the German healthcare system remains effective and socially balanced in future.