RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG | 05/20/2010

RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG integrates Salze Klinik I Bad Salzdetfurth into its hospital network, thus adding a geriatric focus to its medical services offering

On Thursday the purchase agreement between representatives of the Lielje Group and the Board of Management of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG, Bad Neustadt, was notarised. The hospital Group headquartered in the Rhön thus integrates Salze Klinik I into its hospital network and broadens its medical offering in Lower Saxony to include this geriatric focus. The parties agreed to maintain secrecy regarding the purchase price. 

“In a society with a greying population, more and more people are looking for medical services meeting high standards. It is therefore important to meet such demographic trend with a medical offering tailored to the particular needs of patients, especially elderly patients and those with multiple illnesses”, said Wolfgang Pföhler, chairman of the Board of Management of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG, explaining the decision for Salze Klinik.

Salze Klinik I Bad Salzdetfurth operates the acute geriatrics, geriatric rehabilitation, as well as cardiological and orthopaedic rehabilitation departments with a total of 165 beds. 

The structure of geriatric medical care in Lower Saxony with its integration of acute geriatrics and geriatric rehabilitation in “geriatric centres” is distinguished from most concepts in other federal states within Germany where geriatrics is based either exclusively at the hospital or exclusively – or primarily – at rehabilitation facilities. This is in contrast to concept adopted in Lower Saxony – largely developed in collaboration with the head physicians of Salze Klinik I – under which both disciplines are brought “under one roof”, because geriatric patients are right in-between these two sectors.

Moreover, Salze Klinik I offers qualified after-care of cardiological and orthopaedic patients as part of their follow-up treatment, making it possible to implement a tailored treatment concept based on both acute and rehabilitation care needs without any time lag. Within the catchment area of the Bad Salzdetfurth site, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG operates the acute hospitals in Hildesheim, Salzgitter, Gifhorn and Herzberg with roughly 1.700 beds. In future, these facilities will work closely together with Salze Klinik.

Staff will be taken over 

Currently, about 150 full-time staff work at Salze Klinik I who will continue to be employed after the takeover by RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG.