RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG | 05/08/2024

RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG starts financial year 2024 with a good first quarter

RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG, one of the leading healthcare providers in Germany, has made a solid start to financial year 2024. Both consolidated profit and EBITDA as well as revenues rose in the first three months.

Revenues increased by 5.9% to €382.8 million (Q1 2023:  €361.5 million). At €25.2 million, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) was 12% higher than the previous year (Q1 2023: €22.5 million). Taking into account depreciation, amortisation, financing costs and taxes, EBITDA resulted in a consolidated profit of €11.1 million (Q1 2023: €6.4 million). From January to March 2024, 234,151 outpatients and inpatients were treated in the Group's hospitals and medical care centers (Q1 2023: 228,189).

“RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG considers itself well prepared for the forthcoming hospital reform with positioning of its hospitals. With our RHÖN Campus concept, the growing range of outpatient treatment services and the establishment of new medical services, we are seizing opportunities that we will implement for the benefit of our patients”, says Prof. Dr Tobias Kaltenbach, Chairman of the Board of Management of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG.

Outlook for 2024 confirmed

For the coming financial year, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG expects revenues of €1.6 billion euros within a range of +/- 5% upwards and downwards respectively. For earnings before interest, tax and depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA), a level of between €110 million euros and €120 million is expected.

This outlook reflects the further tightening of regulatory intervention by the legislator.RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG points out that the outlook is subject to considerable uncertainties in connection with the numerous global crises resulting in inflation and price increases and subject to any regulatory intervention causing the remuneration structure in 2024.

Quarterly Statement – Q1 2024

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