RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG | 12/23/2013

Merger control clearance of the transaction with Fresenius Helios expected for early 2014 – Partial distribution of the sales proceeds still planned for 2014 – Appointments to two positions on the supervisory board

On the basis of the information currently available from the competition authorities and the transaction partner Fresenius Helios it is becoming apparent that the German competition authority (Bundeskartellamt) will finalize the main review proceeding initiated for the transaction with Fresenius Helios in early 2014 and will then grant clearance to the transaction. The management board of the company currently expects that only a few hospitals will have to be excluded from the scope of the transaction. These would remain with the company or could be sold in the open market.
In anticipation of the expected merger-clearance of the transaction by the competition authorities in early 2014, the company plans to reflect the sale in large parts in the financial statements of the business year 2013. This would set the ground for a binding shareholders' resolution on the allocation of funds at the general shareholders' meeting in June 2014. On this basis the management board still plans to propose to the general shareholders' meeting 2014 a distribution preferably by means of a share repurchase. 

The local court (Amtsgericht) Schweinfurt has decided pursuant to the application of the management board to appoint Dr. Katrin Vernau and Mr. Reinhard Hartl as members of supervisory board (as representatives of the shareholders) until the next general shareholders‘ meeting in order to fill the existing vacancies.