RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG | 04/07/2017

RHÖN‐KLINIKUM AG: Results Press Conference in Frankfurt am Main on 7th April 2017

  • 813,747 patients treated
  • Revenues amount to € 1.18 billion in 2016
  • EBITDA without subsequent transaction effects stands at € 114.9 million
  • Net consolidated profit amounts to € 58.6 million
  • Outlook for 2017: Revenues between € 1.20 billion and € 1.23 billion
  • Dividend proposal in the amount of € 0.35 per share
  • CEO Holzinger: company must manage difficult balancing act
  • Campus concept is model for growth

Bad Neustadt / Saale, 7th April 2017

A total of 813,747 patients were treated in the five RHÖN‐KLINIKUM AG hospitals in the financial year 2016. Corporate revenues stood at € 1.18 billion with earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) amounting to € 156.9 million. Without subsequent transaction effects, i.e. after deducting dissolved provisions, however, EBITDA stood at Euro 114.9 million only. Net consolidated profit was at Euro 58.6 million. As of 31st December 2016 a total of 16,486 employees were working for the company which is among the largest employers in the area of the respective hospital.

“RHÖN‐KLINIKUM AG must manage a difficult balancing act: we must and shall increase profitability again and have thus already introduced initial measures, such as uniform purchasing across all sites and clear work assignments for the respective hospitals, which resulted directly from my visits,” CEO Holzinger stated. “We are now also concentrating on finalising the successful completion of our campus project in Bad Neustadt as a prototype for improved, state‐of‐the‐art healthcare for people in rural areas which in future will no longer be able to afford high‐quality medical care close to home due to demographic developments: We see this as an opportunity for growth. We are now already creating the result along with the corresponding skills; time is on our side.” RHÖN‐KLINIKUM AG is also continuing to place a strong emphasis on the great opportunities offered by digitalisation and the use of artificial intelligence in managing flow, medical history and diagnostics for patients.

Medical director Prof. Dr. Bernd Griewing underlined the pioneering role of RHÖN‐KLINIKUM AG in using digital tools and intelligent IT systems: “Our campus concept connects hitherto separate medical services in a unique manner, ranging from out‐patient services through to in‐patient medical treatment and up to and including follow‐up care in the home. In future intelligent IT systems will play a central role by providing assistance from the time when the patient is admitted to the hospital to making a diagnosis and prescribing an individual medical therapy programme, thereby raising the quality of treatment and patient safety in our hospitals to new heights. This modern digital approach is based on the process management revised in our innovative campus project which is currently being implemented in the new building in Bad Neustadt. This model is to be extended to other rural areas in Germany in the medium to long term. We are currently carrying out a thorough review of other potentially suitable regions.”

Outlook for 2017
For the current financial year 2017 the company expects revenues of € 1.20 billion to € 1.23 billion. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) will be adversely affected in 2017 by external regulatory burdens especially within the DRG framework, such as the fixed‐cost digression discount, the special discount on services with high material costs and one‐off effects. The new CEO is presently completing his corporate analysis and introducing initial measures, after which it will be possible to forecast an explicit income statement figure for financial year 2017, whereby the management currently assumes that the financial result will be clearly lower in comparison with last year.

The Board of Management and Supervisory Board shall propose to this year’s Annual General Meeting on 7th June 2017 in Frankfurt the distribution of the net consolidated profit in the form of a dividend in the amount of € 0.35 per non‐par share to the shareholders. This corresponds to a dividend payout ratio of approx. 40 percent. With this ratio RHÖN‐KLINIKUM AG safeguards its medium‐term ability to make investments yet also allows its shareholders to participate in the future success of the Company.



RHÖN‐KLINIKUM AG is one of the largest healthcare providers in Germany. At five medical sites with a total of 5,300 beds we offer cutting‐edge medical care with a direct link to universities and research institutes. Our top five key areas of treatment are cardiological and coronary disease, neurological disorders, oncology, lung diseases as well as orthopedic and accident surgery. A total of approx. 16,500 employees work for RHÖN‐KLINIKUM AG. Our facilities are located in Bad Berka, Bad Neustadt/Saale, Frankfurt (Oder) and Giessen and Marburg.


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