RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG | 02/12/2009

Preliminary trend figures for 2008

  • Patients 1.65 million / revenues 2.13 billion euros / net consolidated profit roughly 123 million euros
  • EBITDA 263.3 million euros / EBIT 172.9 million euros
  • Expectations met and growth targets reliably achieved with a further rise in patient treatments (+ 6.7%) 
  • Forecast growth in revenues (+ 5.2%) realised
  • Rise in net consolidated profit (+ 10.6%) underpins success of our new business model

The preliminary trend figures for financial year 2008 published today by RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG once again confirm the Group’s forecasts. “Once again, we succeeded in reliably achieving our targets despite disproportionate wage increases and higher prices for food and energy” said Wolfgang Pföhler, chairman of the Board of Management of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG.
In financial year 2008 a total of 1,647,972 patients (+ 6.7%)  were treated in the Group’s hospitals. Revenues grew 5.2% to reach 2.13 billion euros, and net consolidated profit rose as forecast to roughly 123 million euros.

EBITDA rose 5.6% to reach 263.3 million euros. EBIT posted a 9.8% gain to reach 172.9 million euros. Operating cash flow saw an increase of 11.1% to 212.1 million euros. The company has thus clearly demonstrated its restructuring capability. The earnings-per-share figure was 1.13 euros (previous year: 1.03 euros). The Group’s biggest subsidiary, Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg, contributed revenues of 451.6 million euros and a profit of 2.2 million euros (previous year: 1.1 million euros). “As the only private operator of university hospitals in Germany, we have successfully coped with all acquired losses and convergence risks thanks to our restructuring successes to the tune of over 50 million euros while at the same time attaching special importance to expanding the medical offering”, stated Gerald Meder, deputy chairman of the Board of Management of RHÖN KLINIKUM AG. “The construction measures are moving ahead right on schedule and completion of the new building in Gießen will mark a further milestone for the positive earnings trend.”

“We are well prepared for the future and amid a challenging environment stick to our forecast for the year 2009,” said Wolfgang Pföhler. “We expect revenues of roughly 2.3 billion euros. We put our profit target at roughly 130 million euros within a range of plus or minus 5 million euros,” explained the chairman of the Board of Management in conclusion. 

RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG is one of the largest healthcare providers in Germany. Its corporate objective is cutting-edge medicine for everyone. Currently our Group counts 48 hospitals (46 in acute care/2 in rehab area) at 37 sites throughout Germany with some 15,000 beds/places, as well as 21 medical care centres (MVZs). We employ more than 32,000 persons. In 1989 we went public and became the first listed hospital group in Germany. More information is available under: