Attractive employer

Our claim to being an attractive employer is also based on our flexible working time models. We have entered into individual site-specific agreements to take account of our employees’ personal priorities to a greater extent. For example, our personnel work under trust-based, flexible or part-time working time schemes. A total of 6,462 employees (39.68 per cent) were employed part-time during the reporting period, with the proportion of women being around 47.84 per cent (see Table 3). A total of 491 employees were on parental leave.At most of our locations, employees can have their children looked after in an in-house kindergarten. Some hospitals have entered into cooperation schemes with local day-care centres. New employees are also given assistance looking for an apartment, or are provided with the hospital's own apartments at a reasonable cost during the initial phase. For family-friendly corporate governance, we have adopted the Group-level works agreement “Career and Family”. A family-oriented personnel policy is also an important basis for achieving equal opportunities.