Remuneration and company retirement pension scheme

Performance-oriented remuneration and various incentive schemes allowing our staff to take a stake in the Company’s success also help make us an attractive employer. With state-of-the-art medical technology, we offer doctors pleasantworking conditions. For its hospitals, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG has negotiated in-house collective agreements with the trade unions ver.di and Marburger Bund. Compared with the collective agreement scheme seen in the public sector, the employees of our facilities enjoy financial advantages under tax and social insurance legislation, such as high night-shift premiums exempt of tax and of social insurance contributions. 

The Group’s philosophy of giving all employees a stake in the Company’s result also fits in with this collective bargaining scheme. Here, the entire result is the sum of the individual performance items. This “we component" is a sensible management and motivation instrument and has the advantage of ensuring that every individual does well if the whole Company does well. 

We offer our executive employees a remuneration scheme that is made up of a fixed salary and variable salary components and whose purpose is to involve them to a greater extent in the pursuit of our corporate goals. One form of variable salary components is a profit sharing bonus, which like the collectively agreed profit participation is based on the specific result of the site or hospital. Another form of variable remuneration is target agreements. When defining targets, we pay strict attention to ensure that ethical principles are adhered to, such as safeguarding without restricting the freedom to choose medical treatment.

In the area of retirement pensions, we offer individual hospital pension funds and other advantages providing for an employer-financed share and to which employees may additionally make their own contributions. Where we have taken over hospitals from the public sector, we enter into participation agreements with the supplementary pension schemes (ZVK or VBL). At the facilities in the new federal states, ZVK pension benefits were replaced by employer-funded pension schemes according to the German Improvement of Company Pensions Act (Gesetz zur Verbesserung der betrieblichen Altersversorgung, BetrAVG) (pension fund, direct insurance and support fund). Here, too, employees can make their own contributions. Company health promotion measures are managed by each of our hospitals themselves.