A further strategic tool used to counter the shortage of specialist staff is training our own junior employees. For that purpose, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG runs its own nursing schools as well as schools for therapists and medical assistance professions. To maintain our high level of nursing care, we specifically promote the specialisation as well as training and higher-qualification training of our nursing staff. Our Group-wide training offering covers nursing, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, logopaedics, dietician services as well as medical assistance professions in the areas of functional diagnosis (MTAF), laboratory (MTLA) and radiology (MTRA) as well as medical documentation (MDA). We are also involved in training in the gastronomic, IT and business fields. During the reporting period a total of 955 young persons were in training, of whom 151 were taken over in permanent employment (see Table 2).

2015   Total employees (headcount) Of which total female employees (headcount) Of which total male employees (headcount)
Apprentices, total Number of apprentices 955 739 216
  Number of apprentices, nursing professions (nursing, etc.) 802 638 164
  Number of apprentices, commercial professions 38 26 12
  Number of apprentices, other professions 115 75 40
Apprentices taken over after training Number of apprentices taken over after training 151 116 35
  Number of apprentices taken over after training, nursing professions (nursing, etc.) 132 101 31
  Number of apprentices taken over after training, commercial professions 9 8 1
  Number of apprentices taken over after training, other professions 10 7 3