Higher-qualification and continued training

In addition to providing sound training, we specifically promote the continued and higher-qualification training of all professional groups in the Group. That is just as true for our nursing employees who are vital for the successful operation of our hospitals as it is for our doctors. That is because employees with above-average qualifications are the most important assets of our Company. For example, all sites of our hospital network offer doctors the option of completing training as specialists. Our doctors also have opportunities to obtain supplementary qualifications or qualifications in specific areas of focus. 

Moreover, students of medicine also have the possibility to complete their practical year at any of the Group’s sites. With our recognised academic teaching hospitals, we thus have a good basis for recruiting qualified young doctors. Our aim is to offer our staff attractive professional prospects so as to retain them for our Company in the long term. In this context, it is becoming increasingly important to look at an employee’s overall situation, taking account both of his professional and personal needs.

For training, continued training and higher-qualification training measures, we spent roughly 3.6 million euros during the reporting period, or 233.21 euros per employee. Many of the continued and higher-qualification training measures take place during working hours, which is why the number of hours spent on this cannot be recorded.