Human resources


A shortage of specialist employees is also a key issue in the healthcare sector. For all companies from the healthcare sector, finding highly qualified and motivated staff for the wide-ranging and complex requirements and duties is a big challenge. Particularly in labour-intensive companies like hospitals, having dedicated and well-trained employees is vital. That also applies to RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG.

The well-being of our patients is the focus of interest of the work performed by our nursing staff, medical-technical assistants (MTAs), therapists and doctors. Our hospitals are characterised by state-of-the-art medical technology, variable working time models as well as numerous offers with regard to remuneration, retirement or childcare, making us an attractive employer nationally.

Our employees benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Group with all its medical specialties and direct link to cutting-edge university medical care. This exchange of knowledge and experience forms a key element of our human resources strategy. Through decentralised continued training and higher qualification measures, our employees can network over the Company’s various locations. We are also building on a close integration of medical care and management.

With a total of 16,284 employees, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG is not only one of the largest private healthcare providers in Germany but also amongst the largest employers at each of its five sites (see Table 1 for workforce structure). During the reporting period, the turnover rate within the Group stood at 2.6 per cent, with the proportion of disabled employees being 7.2 per cent.

16,284 employees were employed at RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG at the end of 2015 233.21 euros were spent per employee during the reporting period for training, continued training and higher-qualification training 955 young persons were trained in 2015, 151 of whom were taken over in permanent employment  

Higher-Qualification and continued Training
Higher-qualification and continued training
Attractive employer
Attractive employer
Remuneration and Company Retirement Pension Scheme
Remuneration and company retirement pension scheme
  2015 Total employees (headcount) Of which total female employees (headcount) Of which total male employees (headcount)
  Number of employees 16,284 11,821 4,463
  Number of employees up to 30 years of age 3,687 2,790 897
  Number of employees over 30 up to 40 years of age 3,857 2,654 1,203
  Number of employees over 40 up to 50 years of age 3,912 2,870 1,042
  Number of employees over 50 years of age 4,828 3,507 1,321