Campus concept combines inpatient and outpatient care

In order to improve healthcare delivery particularly in rural regions, all stakeholders have to cooperate actively with one another in the best possible way beyond sector boundaries. Rural regions are especially hard hit by the greying of the population and the accompanying rise in morbidity and treatment cases on the one hand and increasing shortage of doctors on the other.

RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG’s response to this challenge is its campus approach that will combine numerous differentiated care offerings and services of different partners. Particularly inpatient and outpatient services are structurally, spatially and logistically integrated with one another on the premises of a high-performance hospital. In this way we offer, in the inpatient sector for example, a range of services as broad as possible; at the same time we create the possibility for community-based practitioners to work closely together with our facilities in terms of location, function and human resources. Patients are thus provided with an integrated and comprehensive offering on the healthcare campus comprising medical care and, prospectively, also services for assisted living and nursing offerings meeting the needs of the elderly.

Currently, Bad Neustadt is witnessing the creation of a “prototype” of the campus concept with the extensive new construction measures in the acute inpatient area. This concept and its realisation in Bad Neustadt are also to serve as a model for healthcare delivery at other sites of our Company and other regions in Germany. This will have corresponding ramifications for the future thrust of our business model, which in addition to organic growth will also be geared towards targeted acquisition and integration of suitable hospitals, such as Kreisklinik Bad Neustadt at the turn of the year 2015/2016.