Creating new care offerings

Given the current organisation of patient care and advances in medical treatment, significant cost pressures in the healthcare system, particularly in the hospital sector, right now are calling into question sustainable medical care at a high level of quality. It is only if we succeed in developing new and efficient care delivery offerings that it will still be possible to offer cutting-edge medical care to everyone in the future. When developing new offerings, we consistently question the treatment process – for example, beyond outpatient-inpatient sector boundaries – and employ new, even technological means for a more efficient and higher-quality treatment process.

RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG has been committed to innovation from the outset. With our well-known and oft-imitated “flow principle”, the organisation of the departments (intensive care, intermediate care, normal care and low care) can be adapted to the needs of patients throughout their individual treatment process. In that way we can give our patients the optimum care they need depending on their specific condition.
Today, in addition to optimising inpatient medical care and nursing, we are also developing the organisation of care delivery across the boundaries of sectoral treatment. To ensure the future viability of healthcare delivery in which every patient deserves to receive modern cutting-edge medical care, it is becoming increasingly important, already at the beginning of the treatment process, to place patients in the treatment situation that is optimum for them. Particularly outpatient and inpatient care will have to engage in better cooperation to this end.