Dialoguing with our Stakeholders

With our corporate governance we ensure ethically correct conduct within the Group. The rules make a significant contribution towards strengthening the trust that investors have placed in our Company, thus creating the basis for sustainable value enhancement of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG. By corporate governance we understand responsible corporate governance and control – oriented towards creating long-term value and enhancing the Company’s value. Good corporate governance is the basis of the decision-making and control processes of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management. Together with a transparent as well as legally and ethically based corporate culture, corporate governance is the prerequisite for preserving and strengthening the trust that patients, employees, shareholders and business partners place in us, and for securing and enhancing the added value of our facilities on a sustainable basis.

The entrepreneurial approach of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG is oriented to long-term commitment and sustainable added value. These commitments are what guides us both in our role as a healthcare provider and as an employer, contractor and listed stock corporation. To create sustainable value, we are not only committed to continuous growth and economic progress, but also take our responsibilities towards society seriously. We are aware of the fact that successful healthcare delivery depends to a particular extent on sustainable environmental and living conditions. We understand our activity comprehensively, and based on our approach see the necessity of structuring the dialogue and interaction with our stakeholders accordingly.

It is therefore particularly important to us to ensure that relations with our employees are balanced and fair. Further training meeting their needs and providing for an attractive working environment are very important to us. Cooperation of our hospitals with industry and institutions from the respective region on the basis of trust goes without saying, and is something truly embodied by our executives. We promote cooperation with community-based practitioners as well as the local population through events aimed at raising awareness and informing on current medical developments. In accordance with the law and proactively, we also keep our shareholders informed of all relevant business activities and events.