Medical Board and Funding Pool

To develop innovative solutions in patient care, framework conditions are created in the Company that not only enable but also promote innovation. Top physicians from all hospital sites have been working together in our Medical Board since 2014. It has been entrusted the task of inspiring the medical strategy of our Company, implementing specific innovation projects and synchronising medical expertise with the Company’s corporate objectives. The Medical Board moreover advises and assists both the Board of Management and the managements of our hospitals in assessing and specifically introducing medical innovations and new treatment procedures as well as installing complex medical equipment. It moreover supports the responsible persons in an advisory capacity when it comes to further developing our facilities.

Led by the Medical Board, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG is pursuing the targeted expansion of its competitive position in the area of innovative treatment methods and cutting-edge medical care thanks to a significantly higher research budget. With a funding pool having a total volume of four million euros, we funded a total of 61 projects focusing on “Research and Innovation” as well as “Treatment Excellence and Network Medicine” in 2015. This research and innovation programme covers various projects at all sites of our Company identified through a Group-wide competition.