Acting economically - securing medical quality

For the well-being of our patients, we attach great importance to freedom in choosing medical treatment, are making ongoing investments in innovation as well as advances in medical care and medical technology, and are constantly looking at how we can improve our internal processes and structures. Our business model is based on the cutting-edge medical care offering of our hospitals, as well as on the acquisition and subsequent medical and economic integration of hospitals that complement and fit our portfolio.

But to achieve a high standard of quality in cutting-edge and maximum care, it is also necessary to generate sufficient funds for investment. High medical quality on the one hand and the efficiency of our facilities on the other in our view go hand in hand. Without an economically satisfactory business result we cannot ensure sustainable treatment quality for our patients to high standards. As a rule, it is only economic success that creates the basis for secure jobs and employment as well as the necessary funds for investing in building and equipment infrastructure. We are therefore convinced that providing for a sustainable offering of high-quality healthcare delivery is something that cannot be confined to medical aspects alone. For viable and innovative healthcare delivery, it is indispensable to take account of the economic framework conditions and the focus on efficiency in treatment processes. We are convinced that meeting high quality standards and achieving economic success – above all over time and with a view to sustainable performance – are two things that are mutually dependent and go hand in hand.