Electronic patient file and ion beam therapy

The focus of our network medical visions is the establishment of quality-controlled healthcare delivery aimed at the general population, driven by the development of proprietary IT solutions and process-oriented innovations throughout the entire treatment process.

An important role in interdisciplinary and cross-sector networking and smooth communication across facilities is played by our web-based electronic patient file, or WebEPA+ in short. This proprietary development is already being used at some sites and contains everything that a traditional paper patient file also does: findings, X-ray images, lab results, previous therapies, blood type or chronic conditions. But WebEPA+ can do more than just gather information. It is rather designed to assist patients at all treatments and at the same time help prevent redundant examinations such as additional X-rays, as well as redundant prescriptions or even conflicts between newly and already prescribed drugs. Moreover, all doctors in the treatment chain can inform themselves about special risks and intolerances from a single source.

The Marburg Ion Beam Therapy Centre (MIT) at Marburg University Hospital is the “poster child” of innovative cutting-edge medicine. Since October 2015 it has made a significant contribution to strengthening oncological treatment excellence at the Marburg site. With ion beam technology it is possible to use protons and carbon ions with high-energy acceleration with pinpoint accuracy against certain types of tumours. That means it is possible to irradiate hitherto inoperable and in some cases untreatable disease foci with practically no side effects. Here, too, the imaging data is transmitted using WebEPA+.