Quality and hygiene


The best possible medical care – for every patient every day, around the clock: that is the standard of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG and the guiding principle of our medical quality management. To that end, we are not just committed to classic quality assurance but also follow a comprehensive approach. The most important elements of our Group-wide quality management are clinical risk management, hospital hygiene and medical controlling. The ongoing exchange between these related disciplines and “classic” quality management results in a stable and viable system – the quality concept of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG. 

12 specialist bodies in addition to the Medical Board were established which consistently implement the principle of networking 2016: The project “Patient safety at RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG” with the training of employees as risk auditors will enter its next stage


All patients are to benefit from the collective know-how of each of our facilities. To improve the Group-wide exchange of information needed for this, we use various networks:

For example, specialist bodies that consistently implement the principle of networking were established in addition to the Medical Board. Top physicians and specialists from all sites meet regularly for a thoroughgoing exchange regarding the further development of their specialist fields. The flow of ideas with the expert panels is deliberately enabled in both directions: proposals may be made both by the experts on the panels and by the Medical Board or the Board of Management. This reciprocal exchange ensures not only a direct flow of information between clinical practice and the management level. It also makes it possible to make strategic decisions more specifically and quickly. The aim of the close cooperation between the expert panels, Medical Board and the Board of Management is to find solutions leading to an improvement in treatment quality and thus in patient care. Moreover, this is to enable the network of hospitals to be prepared for the strategically important issues of the future, such as the increasing greying of patients or digitalisation in everyday clinical practice.

1. Clinical Risk and Quality Management
1. Clinical risk and quality management
2. Medical Controlling
2. Medical controlling
3. Hygiene Management
3. Hygiene management