Protecting the environment has been a tradition at RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG already for many years. For us, conserving the environment is an important starting point for healthcare provision, and therefore is a self-evident part of our business activity. To offset rising costs, for instance, from developments in healthcare policy or in the area of energy supply, efficient management of energy and the environment is also an economic responsibility which we assume in our corporate goal of achieving affordable and high-quality medical care for everyone.

In keeping with our decentralised corporate structures, our environmental management is firmly established Group-wide at two levels. At every hospital, implementing clinical measures is the responsibility of the respective technical control department. It not only monitors the safe operation of all technical and medical-technical equipment and systems but also construction projects, assumes the task of energy controlling as well as equipment and commissioning planning. 

All facilities are assisted and coordinated by the Group division Construction and Technology. Its main tasks, in addition to Group-wide energy and emissions controlling, also includes regular training of the responsible staff on site, and organising a quick and effective exchange of knowledge and experience in this field between our hospitals. With innovative projects it furthermore promotes the Group-wide development of new standards for energy provision in the healthcare sector.

7.2 kg was the amount of waste per patient in 2015 4.9 per cent less water consumption was determined during the reporting period 5 proprietary plants generated over 39,000 MWh of electricity in 2015, covering roughly 38.5 per cent of the electricity requirement  

Energy Unit 2015  
Electricity consumption MWh 102,000  
Consumption per patient kWh 156  
Share of own generation % 38.5  
Heating consumption MWh 127,600  
Consumption per patient kWh 195  
Greenhouse gas emissions t 69,340  
Water consumption m3 706,257  
Consumption per patient m3 1.1  
Waste / waste water      
Waste quantity (residuals) t 4,731  
Waste quantity per patient kg 7.2  
Waste water m3 671,120