Social Committment

With this progress report, we illustrate how our development towards a more sustainable RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG is progressing, and what we have achieved so far in this respect. In the course of last year’s realignment, we introduced a series of measures that have impacted positively on the company’s development, such as the Medical Board or the numerous initiatives relating to innovation, research, excellence in treatment, or network medicine, to name but a few. On all three levels of sustainability – economic, ecological and social – we have reviewed the available information, defined our current achievements and identified the challenges that will arise on the path towards creating the full sustainability report we intend to publish on a regular basis in future. The compilation of this report has contributed to improving the control of our sustainability management processes, and to increasing corporate awareness of the issue of sustainability. One of our future fundamental tasks will be to close the gaps we have identified.

In terms of the economy, the environment and society, the challenges in the healthcare industry are becoming ever greater. In dialogue with our various stakeholders, we will continue to work on establishing sustainability at all company levels in order to link our healthcare services to a sustainability strategy. This progress report represents the first step towards this.