Strategy and Management


The starting point for all of our actions is the well-being of our patients. They place their trust in the staff who work in our clinics and facilities, and are always at the centre of our efforts. Our success is based on this confidence in our performance. One of our company’s important basic principles and an element in our internal Code of Conduct, which all staff use as a guideline, is: “Don’t do to others what you would not like done to yourself, and don’t leave off doing anything that you would like done to yourself.”

Sustainability as a principle that addresses the environmental changes that we influence over time can also be expressed more simply in the form of the following instruction: meet the needs of the present without running the risk that future generations may no longer be able to meet theirs.

Both of these together, the fundamental principle of sustainability and our corporate principle, clarify our idea of sustainability accompanied by sustainable value creation. In order to be able to offer cutting-edge medicine to everyone in the future, we must lay the basis for this today. Our main strategic task for the sustainable development of our business model consists of the effort to increase the potential for efficiency, and to develop new, better, i.e. innovative ways of looking after our patients. Due to this internal standard of sustainable value creation, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG has always considered itself one of the healthcare industry’s innovative pioneers.

2014 the Medical Board starts working 61 projects supported by RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG with a funding pool 3 elements are at the heart of our supplier management: quality, delivery reliability and cost-effectiveness

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